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I create beautiful and efficient WordPress websites that align with your values.
Eco-friendly | Accessible | Ethical

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What's a responsible website anyway ?

Responsible doesn't mean you'll get a website that's boring and won't convert your visitors.
In fact, that's pretty much the opposite !

    High speed & performance

    Ecoconception and smart development ensure your website quickly loads on all devices.

    Security & Privacy

    Your data is secured and your website is automatically backed up on a remote server on a regular basis.

    Eco-responsible hosting

    Host your website on a European responsible and zero carbon footprint server.

    Ethical analytics

    Accurate, GDPR-compliant analytics tools to measure your audience. Stop bothering your visitors with annoying cookie banners !


    Your website is optimized for search engines right from the beginning.


    I want everyone to be able to discover your new website. No matter their disabilities or conditions.

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Some of my past projects

100 % Custom projects

Every project I undertake is unique. No basic template, I adapt the design to your needs, not the other way around.

Performance audit included

Every project is delivered pre-optimized for fast loading on all devices.

SEO Expertise

SEO considerations are integrated from project inception through web development.

See my portfolio
Andaloubio - product page
Screenshot of the Garderie scolaire webpage of Ghissignies
home page -
CMB - home
naturo-occitane : services
About Page of Sandrine Paunet - online business manager website. The page presents her experience and who she is (in French).

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  • Awesome Brochure Websites

    A good website catches your visitors' attention in less than 3 seconds.
    An awesome website converts them into leads.
    Let's go with awesome.

  • Manageable Ecommerce solutions

    Let's show the world how great your products and services are.
    I'll make sure they enjoy exploring your online shop !

  • Need a revamp ?

    Your website's looking outdated or takes ages to load ?
    No worries, I'll give it a fresh new look and improve its overall performance.

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  • ecommerce add to cart
  • building blocks on a web page

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Frequently asked questions

Got some questions ? Here are some answers. Or send me a message directly.

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There is no simple answer to that question as every project is different. The Discovery call will help me to understand your needs and evaluate the amount of work that is involved. I will then send you a detailed proposal based on the website functionalities, features and assets.

I can also offer different packages to match your budget.

For a general project starting from scratch, we’ll go through the following steps :

  • Discovery call : we have a chat that allows me to understand what are your needs and the appropriate solutions.
  • Strategy Phase & Design: I elaborate the website architecture, content, and wireframes. Then, I create visual a mockup of the website.
  • Development : Once the design is validated, I create the proper website using Wordpress. I run tests, install security and analytics modules and make sure everything is 100% responsive.

Launch : that’s the big day ! Your website goes live and everyone can see it !

This depends largely on the size of the project. For light and quick projects, like simple landing pages, and if you are quick to give some feedback, this can be achieved within 2 weeks.

Yes. I specialize in European based businesses, due to the local GDPR regulation and also because I work best with local hosting services, but I can also help you on your project if you’re outside of Europe.

This is a service I can offer under certain circumstances, depending on who your current hosting provider is and the type of content you wish to move. You can contact me to discuss it.

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