Let me present you some projects I’ve worked on.

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City Hall of Ghissignies

City Hall website

The city hall of the municipality of Ghissignies contacted me to address several issues they were facing with their current website: problems with email delivery, difficulty in editing the existing website (created by someone who was no longer responsive and had not provided training), and the need to enhance the UX and design of the site.

This project involved revising their email delivery methods and implementing an easily manageable subscriber list system in the back-end.

I decided to start from scratch on a solid foundation for this project, and I simply migrated the existing 80 blog articles before constructing a new site that is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly for the municipal team to navigate and manage.

Additionally, I created a tailored series of 15 video tutorials to empower them to take control of all aspects of the site, without requiring technical expertise.

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Homepage of the Ghissignies website
Equipe municipale webpage

Sandrine Paunet - OBM

Brochure website

I had the privilege of creating the website for a virtual assistant specializing in online business management. This project was aimed at showcasing the skills of a dedicated professional, Sandrine Paunet, who offers a comprehensive range of services to businesses for managing their online presence, from pre-accounting to communication, including social media management and email marketing.

The challenge was to design a website that was both visually appealing and user-friendly, highlighting Sandrine’s skills and expertise while clearly communicating the services she provides. I chose a soft color palette in shades of blue and green, inspired by nature, to create a calming and welcoming atmosphere.

The website features different sections, including an “About” page highlighting Sandrine’s strong professional background, a “Services” page detailing specific offers for SMEs, associations, and individual entrepreneurs, as well as a section dedicated to client testimonials.

I also emphasized the benefits of collaborating with Sandrine, including her ability to adapt to various structures, her efficiency, organization, and natural kindness towards her clients.

Overall, this project allowed me to create a visually appealing and informative website that effectively showcases the expertise and offerings of an online business manager aka virtual assistant.

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Homepage of the website of Sandrine Paunet, Online Business manager (in French). The Hero section shows a portrait of the entrepreneur, smiling, and the rest of the page quickly presents her services.
About Page of Sandrine Paunet - online business manager website. The page presents her experience and who she is (in French).

Naturo Occitane

Brochure Website

This web design project involved creating a simple and intuitive website for a naturopath based in Toulouse, France.

The goal was to showcase the naturopath’s services and provide a user-friendly platform for potential clients to learn more and book sessions.

The design incorporated a clean and modern aesthetic, emphasizing the natural and holistic approach of the naturopath.

The website features essential sections such as an about page, services offered, FAQs, and a contact page with a convenient scheduling option. The result is a visually appealing and informative website that effectively represents the naturopath’s brand and facilitates seamless user interaction.

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home page - naturo-occitane.fr
naturo-occitane : services


Website Revamp

The XpressFit website revamp project aimed to transform the online presence of the modern sports studio located near Paris.

By addressing the client’s needs and challenges, the project focused on enhancing the website’s architecture, visual identity, and search engine optimization (SEO) to improve user experience, increase conversion rates, and boost online visibility.

The outcome was a responsive and visually appealing website, delivering a seamless user journey across devices. Through effective local SEO strategies, the website achieved higher rankings in search engine results, driving organic traffic and generating valuable leads.

Overall, the project successfully aligned the website with XpressFit’s professional identity, positioning the studio as a leading destination for high-quality fitness experiences.

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home page - xpressfit.fr
xpressfit.fr - prices

Cercle Maurice Blanchard

Non-profit organization Website

In this project, I successfully redesigned the website for Cercle Maurice Blanchard, a local NGO based in Montdidier, France.

The goal was to create a modern and responsive online platform that showcases the vibrant art and culture scene of the region.

I transformed their outdated website into a visually captivating and highly functional hub, allowing the organization to share engaging content, announce events, and manage memberships seamlessly.

The redesigned website reflects the commitment of Cercle Maurice Blanchard to preserving local history, supporting talented artists, and fostering a stronger connection with the community. With enhanced functionality and a user-friendly interface, this project has significantly contributed to promoting the rich heritage and cultural offerings of Montdidier.

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CMB - home
CMB - archive page


Ecommerce Website Development

In this project, I successfully developed a fully responsive ecommerce website for Andaloubio, a French company specializing in delivering freshly picked organic fruits and products to local customers in the Toulouse area.

The website was designed to present their range of organic products, provide operational details, and highlight their trusted providers.

I created a customized system for local product deliveries, implemented secure payment processing, and integrated seamless communication channels through email and social media. With over 30 pages, the website includes a user-friendly blog with video integration and a newsletter system within the website dashboard.

The result is a comprehensive online platform that showcases Andaloubio’s commitment to quality, enhances customer engagement, and supports their goal of delivering organic goodness to the local community.

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andaloubio - home
Andaloubio - product page