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In this project, I successfully redesigned the website for Cercle Maurice Blanchard, a local NGO based in Montdidier, France.

The goal was to create a modern and responsive online platform that showcases the vibrant art and culture scene of the region.

I transformed their outdated website into a visually captivating and highly functional hub, allowing the organization to share engaging content, announce events, and manage memberships seamlessly.

The redesigned website reflects the commitment of Cercle Maurice Blanchard to preserving local history, supporting talented artists, and fostering a stronger connection with the community. With enhanced functionality and a user-friendly interface, this project has significantly contributed to promoting the rich heritage and cultural offerings of Montdidier.

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About the client

Cercle Maurice Blanchard, a local NGO based in Montdidier, France, is deeply committed to preserving and promoting the vibrant art and culture scene of the region. Through their dedicated efforts, they organize a diverse range of events and workshops that showcase the rich history, heritage, and talented artists that Montdidier has to offer.

Needs and challenges

Facing the limitations of an outdated website, Cercle Maurice Blanchard sought a transformation that would align with their mission and overcome the challenges they were encountering. They needed a modern and responsive website that would not only serve as an online hub for sharing information and engaging with the community but also allow them to easily update content, announce events, and manage memberships. They were determined to establish a digital presence that would reflect the dynamic and creative spirit of Montdidier’s art and culture scene.

The outcome

In response to their needs, I did a complete redesign of their website, carefully considering the unique character of Montdidier. The website was completely overhauled, offering a fresh and visually captivating interface that showcases the city’s artistic richness. I took great care to preserve Cercle Maurice Blanchard’s logo, ensuring continuity and recognition. By developing a custom blog tailored to their specific requirements, I provided them with a user-friendly platform to regularly publish engaging content about local artists, events, and historical insights.

To streamline event management, I implemented an intuitive system that enables Cercle Maurice Blanchard to seamlessly announce and promote upcoming events. Additionally, the website’s sitemap was optimized to enhance search engine visibility, helping to attract a wider audience and increase awareness of Montdidier’s cultural offerings.

To facilitate community engagement and membership management, I integrated a subscription form, allowing visitors to easily join Cercle Maurice Blanchard’s community and receive regular updates on their activities and initiatives.

Overall, the result is a visually stunning and highly functional website that effectively represents Cercle Maurice Blanchard’s dedication to the arts and culture of Montdidier. With this powerful digital platform, they have the means to not only share their passion for local history and artists but also foster a stronger connection with the community they serve.


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