Why and how I build professional websites.

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A few words about me ...

I developed my first website in 2000, when I was a teenager. That was a video game website, with loads of contents and posts, that got featured in a French video game magazine at the time.

Then I spent over a decade working in the engineering and hospitality industries. I launched an e-commerce company that ended being a 6 figures business in a couple of years.

This made me re-discover the pleasure of web creation !

In 2020, I came back to my initial hobby : building beautiful, fast and efficient websites. I want to help entrepreneurs, companies and organizations to reach their goals while controlling the impact of their online presence.

I also got certified from the Flux Academy, a reputated online school for webdesigners.

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My workflow

My step-by-step process to generate professional websites

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  1. Strategy

    I conduct thorough research and planning to define objectives, identify the target audience, and outline the desired outcomes. This sets the foundation for a well-informed and strategic approach to creating a successful website.

  2. Site Architecture

    I carefully organize and structure the website's navigation, content hierarchy, and overall layout. I prioritize user experience, ensuring intuitive navigation and easy access to information. This phase lays the groundwork for an organized and user-friendly website design.

  3. UI / UX Design

    I place great importance on UX design for your website. It directly influences page layout, content flow, engagement, and conversion rates. By crafting visually appealing designs that reflect your brand identity, we can captivate visitors and effectively communicate the personality of your company.

  4. Copywriting for SEO

    This phase holds immense significance in the web design process as it can greatly impact the success of your website. The words and text used on your site can either make or break its effectiveness.

  5. Responsive Development

    In today's mobile-dominated landscape, it is crucial to develop a responsive and adaptable website that offers an excellent user experience across all devices. Creating a scalable and easily maintainable website ensures it looks visually appealing and functions seamlessly on every device.

  6. Launch

    Once I have ensured proper testing, security measures, and validation, I take the website live, making it available for the world to see.

My toolbox

You want to know some softwares I love to use for my clients?