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The city hall of the municipality of Ghissignies contacted me to address several issues they were facing with their current website: problems with email delivery, difficulty in editing the existing website (created by someone who was no longer responsive and had not provided training), and the need to enhance the UX and design of the site.

This project involved revising their email delivery methods and implementing an easily manageable subscriber list system in the back-end.

I decided to start from scratch on a solid foundation for this project, and I simply migrated the existing 80 blog articles before constructing a new site that is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly for the municipal team to navigate and manage.

Additionally, I created a tailored series of 15 video tutorials to empower them to take control of all aspects of the site, without requiring technical expertise.

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  • Self-hosted Analytics
  • UI Design
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About the Client

The Town Hall of the municipality of Gissignies, a local community located in the North of France, committed to serving and informing its citizens, had been facing persistent issues with its existing website. The current municipal team lacked technical expertise required for website management, prompting them to enlist my services as a specialized web designer in custom WordPress sites.

Needs and Challenges

The situation was complex as the current site presented significant challenges: email delivery problems, an inability to effectively modify site content due to lack of support from the initial developer, and an urgent need to enhance user experience and overall site design.

The most pressing challenge of this project lay in resolving technical email-related issues and establishing a more efficient subscriber management system. Additionally, a complete overhaul of the user interface was required to ensure smooth and intuitive navigation. It was essential to enable the municipal team to easily update site content without relying on external technical assistance. Another difficulty involved a seamless transition from the old to the new site, preserving existing resources while significantly improving performance and user-friendliness.

Some features were also enhanced, such as the implementation of a calendar to easily showcase community events.


To address the challenges posed by this project, I made the decision to start anew by building a solid and modern WordPress site. I first resolved the email issues by making necessary server modifications and implementing a reliable and secure solution, enabling effective communication between the Town Hall and its citizens. I developed a user-friendly subscriber list system in the back-end, facilitating contact management and targeted information delivery.

The redesign of the user interface and overall design led to the creation of an aesthetically appealing and ergonomic site, offering a seamless experience to visitors. I reimagined navigation and information architecture to make access to essential information more intuitive.

Furthermore, I created a series of 15 personalized video tutorials, empowering the municipal team to handle all aspects of the site without requiring prior technical knowledge. This initiative enhanced their autonomy and confidence in the day-to-day management of the site. A virtual Q&A session was also scheduled to assist those in charge in becoming comfortable with the new tools.

In summary, the new website for the Town Hall of Gissignies successfully addressed the technical and user experience challenges at hand. The result is a modern, functional, and easy-to-administer site, enabling the Town Hall to better serve its community and strengthen its ties with citizens.

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